samedi 5 février 2011

Adventures : Greece pages 1-4 + 8

The 4 first pages of the second chapter of my Adventures story. The story take place in the Aegean Sea, off the isle of Santorini. I didn't draw the pages number 5-7, I will come back to them later. In those pages, Adam Deville enters the gate, and after having go through a gallery, he finds two guards protecting the entry of the city. They are not bad guys, they just want to prepare him for a ritual.
Sorry, it's late, and I'm too exhausted to write a more complete comment.
Hope you'll like this pages.

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  1. Awesome Work Eeks! I cant' wait to see the rest of this when you complete it. :D You fish men are cool looking.

  2. Pretty exciting and cool!!!! Your guys are always soo hawt and those guardians looks kinda dangerous xDDDD

  3. The first page is hard to follow. I see now that it is suppose to be split down the middle. But those wide panels throw me off and I was jumping around the page trying to make sense of it.

  4. thanks guys for your comments.
    DinosaurPrince, I'm glad you like my fishmen, it's the first time I draw non-human characters, it was a kind of test for me, and so your comment make me think it's not that bad.
    Devilman! I do my best to keep my men sexy. The guardians are not really dangerous, they just want to prepare him for a ritual...

    Anonyme, yeah, maybe it's a bit hard to follow the double presented this way, but splited down the middle, it becomes logical and clearly comprehensible.

  5. Beau boulot !! Il y a beaucoup de cases très intéressantes là-dedans ! :D Ravi de savoir qu'on aura un jour droit aux pages 5-7 aussi. L'action me semblait un peu rapide ! XD

    Sinon, je rejoins Anon', les 2 premières pages sont compliquées à lire, mais elles n'en restent très intéressantes au niveau de la composition. :3

  6. SAlut Eeks,
    je viens de découvrir tes dessins et ton style. J'adore.
    dis moi si tes bd sont dispos et oú, si c'est possible. Mais bravo ...
    à bientôt

  7. Beautiful work.

    Is your cowboy book still available?

  8. Ledermeister:
    yeah, my cowboy book is still available, there are a few copies remaining. interested to get one?

    merci pour l'intéret que tu portes à mon travail. Pour l'instant, seul mon premier livre sur le farwest est disponible, les autres travaux sont en cours. Cela dit, à moins que tu tiennes à te le procurer dès maintenant, je travaille sur une version "extended" de ce premier livre, avec de nouvelles illustrations supplémentaires, une meilleure qualité d'impression et des textes en français. il sortira si tout va bien en juillet 2011, en même temps qu'un fanzine noir et blanc sur lequel je travailles avec quelques potes. plus d'informations prochainement sur mon blog!

  9. Yes, I'd like to get a copy.
    Please advise how to get one. Thanks.

  10. Ok so it's a small note but I ought to do it. At least to show my appreciation. What you do is totally cool and takes a lot of work and concentration. Your blog is fun and easy to follow and your drawings are... yummy.

    Keep up the good work and don't give up (!) even if the editors don't always call back...


  11. thanks a lot for your comment, it's very nice, it really appreciate!