mercredi 16 mars 2011

Hunk of the week... month...quarter

Je savais en commençant la rubrique "hunk of the week" que je n'arriverai pas à me tenir à la cadence d'un dessin par semaine. Mais là, y'a vraiment eu du laisser-aller...

Enfin bon,  je n'ai pas eu le temps de poster grand chose ces dernières semaines parce que j'ai été assez malade et que j'ai passé une petite semaine à l'hôpital. Heureusement, maintenant, ça va mieux.
Et à côté de ça, je travaille en ce moment sur un projet de bd pour un fanzine, mais pour l'instant, ce projet reste secret.
Je n'ai donc pas beaucoup de temps à consacrer aux travaux en couleur, mais je vais quand même essayer de remettre à jour cette série régulièrement!

Par la même occasion, je teste une nouvelle fonction de blogger, qui permet de mettre une appréciation en bas du dessin, pour ceux qui ne souhaitent pas laisser de commentaires. N'hésitez pas à vous en servir!

I knew by beginning the  " hunk of the week " section  that I would not be able to upload it each week. But I let myself went  into carelessness...
Well, I did not have time to post anything these last weeks because I was quite seriously sick and because I spent a small week to the hospital. Fortunately, now, I feel much more better.
And next to that, I'm working  on a project of a comic for a fanzine, but by now this project remains secret.

I do not thus have a lot of time to work on colored works, but I am nevertheless going to try to update this serie regularly!

 At the same time, I test a new function of blogger, who allows you to put an appreciation at the bottom of the drawing, for those who do not wish to leave of comments. Do not hesitate to use it!

4 commentaires:

  1. Mmmm...the apreciation button is an interesting idea

    I saw tis some time go but didnt had time to post a comment. I find this pic extremelly cute cus it feels much more personal to you, hu xD?

    Sorry to read you wa ssick but i am glad your better and busy

  2. thank you for your message!
    hum, this drawing is not really amazing, I don't like it that much, but I finished and post it because yeah, it was quite personnal.
    I'm better now, it was just a bad moment, but now it's over.

  3. Hot drawing! As You say, it was personal, does that mean this is how You spent Your sick days?! :D You know a lot of guys would run around naked in the snow to have a nurse like that for their sick days :P

    As this is my first comment here, I have to say I love it!!! So eager to see more and more, but yeah, have to go through Your archives first.

  4. Ranno... I'm sorry, I only see your message right now. You posted it in april, and we are in december...
    anyway, thanks for your message, and unfortunately, no, there were no hot doctors in hospital...