samedi 26 mars 2011

Hunk of the week - school guy

J'ai commencé l'esquisse de ce dessin il y a plusieurs semaines,  en même temps que le précédent hunk of the week et d'autres à venir, mais je n'avais pas eu l'opportunité de le mettre en couleur avant ce jour...
Je suis bien plus satisfait de ce dessin que du précédent, peut-être que l'autre était finalement trop personnel et sérieux pour en faire quelquechose de sexy.
J'aime beaucoup les mecs qui portent des shorts très courts et qui laissent entr'apercevoir leur intimité. Je pense que les dessins à venir seront sur ce thème...

I began the sketch of this drawing several weeks ago, at the same time as the previous hunk of the week  and  others to come, but I had  no opportunity to color it before this day...
I'm much more happy with the way this drawing came out than the previous one did. Maybe the other one reminded me things that were too personal and serious.

I  so much like guys who wear very short pairs of shorts and who let slightly see parts of their anatomy. I think my next drawings to come will deal with this theme...
(oh, and I hope I didn't made a mistake in the sentence on the board!)

3 commentaires:

  1. While your fav part are the shorts, my fav part is the shirts!!! Tigth shirts!!! Lol and glases *_*

  2. Hehe, I love guys with glasses

  3. The only mistake was word order.
    It should say:

    "I won't make my classmates lose concentration"
    instead of
    "I won't make lose my classmates' concentration"